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The Story

Meet Ian, a "genetically pure" soldier who has successfully fled the Island of Eternal Struggle, an island that has been gripped in permanent war. In doing so, he has inadvertently tipped the scales in the fight between good and evil, and the war begins to spread outwards from the island. In his journey to survive, he meets a disco-loving cyborg named Xenon, a shunned oracle named Faye, and a lush viking named Bera. This group of misfits inevitably discover that they may be the only ones to stop a global catastrophe that's been silently stewing in the shadows of an otherwise seemingly peaceful world, oblivious to the existence of the Island of Eternal Struggle.

The Demo

The demo contains two dungeons from The Island of Eternal Struggle of the sillier variety. In Beak's Peaks, Ian and the gang have to get to the town of Kami, but they have to traverse a mountainpass first... only to discover that it's been overrun by birds! In The Raver Warehouse, the group discovers that Xenon is missing and look for him at a rave party. Both dungeons include minigames, random encounters and bosses. Each character has 3 out of their 6 classes available with some of the skills unlocked, so experiment with the job system as you pummel birds and ravers!

The Game

What will the full game contain? Well, it's certainly not your typical turned based RPG!

  • Classic turn-based RPG gameplay but with unique and exciting "action commands", enabling interactive and fast-paced combat sequences.
  • Job class based character growth. 24 different jobs, including Booze Hound, Discomancer, and Otaku! Over 500 different skills and abilities.
  • A unique "Soul Slot" system, allowing each character to have a different loadout of skills and unique bonuses in combat.
  • 2D visual style inspired by classics of the genre.
  • A lovingly crafted soundtrack, ranging from live guitar tracks to electronic synths.
  • Minigames and interactive gameplay throughout the entire game. This is no grind!
  • Bears on roller-blades wielding switchblades.

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Install instructions


W – Menu

S – Interact

D – Cancel/Run

UDLR – Move

Please note you can change your controller settings and use an Xbox Controller (integrated) or a PS Controller mapped to:

W – Triangle

A – Square

S – X

D - Circle

Please follow these instructions for installation!

- Unzip the files (if you haven't already!)

- Install OpenAL from the /oalinst/ directory.

- Run setup.exe

- Enjoy!

IES uses the Monogame Framework, so all XNA-dependancies should be included in the install by default. If you run into anything please contact the team at: team@wimbusstudios.com.


IESDemo.zip (397 MB)